Nordic, Hydropool & La-Z-Boy Spas

Bontrager Pools offers a complete stock of Nordic, Hydropool and La-Z-Boy spas at all prices ranges in an effort to provide you with the perfect spa to enjoy. We invite you to discover how the therapeutic waters of a spa can relieve aching muscles, and even relieve the pain experienced from most forms of arthritis. We understand a spa is more than just a physical healer; it’s also a place to escape the stresses and worries of the day and replace them with relaxation. Stop by our showroom, browse through our huge display of spas and learn more from our factory-trained salespeople how you’ll benefit from incorporating a spa into your backyard.


Nordic Hot Tubs are designed for therapy but built for recreation and available at a cost-effective price. Nordic’s DTS, Dual Therapy System,


Hydropool Hot Tubs is committed to building superior hot tubs utilizing the latest technologies, with the latest environmental


La-Z-Boy Spas offers three collections of spas that feature some of the most comfortable underwater seating available on

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